Sceptics and Teeth

Believe it or not, most registered homeopaths will admit to have been more than a little cynical in the past about the effectiveness of homeopathy – until, that is (like myself) a health condition forced them into using the “TEETH” principle – “Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy”!

This page is for those people who may be looking for more information/evidence relating to homeopathy. It is hoped that it will enable you to make an informed decision and perhaps dispel some of the myths and superstitions that surround the therapy.

It will be updated on a monthly basis and I sincerely hope you will find it of interest, even if you choose not to explore homeopathy further.

Could the humble marigold save money for the NHS

Dr Dorothy Shepherd, a well-known figure in homeopathic circles, extols the virtues of Calendula – marigold – in her book “A Physician’s Posy”. She speaks from her own personal experience working extensively in homeopathic hospitals and clinics in the early 20th century.

She writes: “The last war made one’s thoughts turn to first aid and the treatment of wounds. Sepsis is the great danger of open wounds and injuries, and antiseptics are the answer of the surgeon to this enemy. Unfortunately, antiseptics which are potent enough to kill the micro-organisms are also injurious to the living cells of the body and the defending white blood corpuscles which are sent out to kill off the attacking microbes…… Dr Carleton used Calendula in peace time in his hospital in America as a dressing in all kinds of surgical work and for different types of operation….. Another doctor who sings the prowess of Calendula is Dr Petrie Hoyle who used it extensively in the War Hospital he superintended in France during the First World War and the visiting French surgeon complimented the doctor on the cleanliness and sweetness of the air in his wards – and moreover complimented him on the exceedingly low mortality and quick recovery rate of the wounded …….”

This wonderful little plant is an essential remedy for your first aid kit, whether it be in pill, tincture or cream form and is safe to use on open wounds.

(Ref: “A Physician’s Posy” by Dorothy Shepherd ).