Homeopathy – a sensible complementary therapy for people of the 21st century who are seeking ways of regaining total health and wellbeing with a more natural approach.

WHY “SENSIBLE”? Because homeopathy is tailored to YOU, the individual, and does NOT work on the premise of “one pill suits all”. For example: If my husband and I were to catch a cold, he would develop chest symptoms while my symptoms would develop in my sinuses. Therefore, it is common sense to address the symptoms that matter to us as individuals.

Many people never think of consulting a homeopath until they’ve tried everything else but, as some of our patients often comment after their experience of the therapy “I wish I’d come to see you before …..”

49BThe homeopathic consultation gives you, the patient, the indulgence of TIME AND SPACE in which to express your individual needs and concerns to a professional practitioner who will listen carefully, take notes and offer a practical solution to problems in the form of homeopathic remedies.

The consultation is detailed, personal and tailored to your individual symptoms.


  • 499Remedies used are gentle, natural, non-toxic, non addictive and are not tested on animals.
  • Remedies are usually in pill or liquid form, are simple to take and can easily be dissolved in water.
  • Homeopathy is a system of medicine which has been in popular use for over 200 years but its concept reaches back over thousands of years.
  • Homeopathy is complementary and can therefore be used alongside drugs prescribed by your GP/consultant and will not interfere with their beneficial action.
    NB. Registered homeopaths always advise their patients to remain in contact with their primary healthcare professional.
  • Once registered with a homeopathic practitioner, you have the benefit of having your own family therapist who can advise and provide information as and when you need it on a personal level.
  • Registered homeopaths will have years of training and experience at an approved college, studying (amongst other things) anatomy, physiology, pathology and disease.